L. Possehl & Co. mbH

Acquisition Criteria

The Possehl Group strives to achieve long-term, sustainable growth. As well as organic internal growth in the individual Group companies, our objective is also to grow by way of acquisitions. Acquisitions are generally attractive for us if they represent


  • a new field of business (with sales of more than ca. € 100 million)
  • an additional acquisition to enlarge an existing field of business
  • an acquisition in the SME segment (sales between € 10 and € 80 million)

Investing by the Best Owner Principle

We act by the ‘best owner’ principle whenever we acquire new companies. We only buy a company if we are convinced that Possehl is the best owner for the company in the long term. It is not our aim to buy companies and resell them at a later date. We operate according to a principle of long-term thinking and sustainability. We acquire companies with the aim of keeping them and helping them expand their business activities. This is in line with the philosophy and approach of our proprietor, the Possehl-Stiftung charity. And we have been operating this way now for over 160 years.

On this basis, we have developed the following acquisition criteria as a guideline for ourselves: 

  • Stable business model and high dividend capabilities
  • Primarily businesses in manufacturing (such as machinery and component manufacture) or services/trading
  • Good market position, preferably in a niche, and high product quality
  • Takeover of management – in phases if appropriate

 We are particularly excellent investors for the following reasons: 

  • We finance company acquisitions from available liquid funds and therefore offer a high level of transaction security.
  • We retain acquired companies for the long term and preserve their identity.


Possehl is also an experienced and reliable partner for carve-out transactions involving companies from larger corporations, and the resolution of issues of succession in family companies.