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Global market leader for tire production systems with a Lengthy Tradition

At Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH, we manufacture a range of machinery for the rubber and tire production industry for all essential production stages from raw material preparation to tire manufacturing and vulcanization, and we have done so for almost 155 years.



The company is divided into the following three segments:

HF TireTech

HF Mixing Group

HF Press+Lipid Tech

The company’s Hamburg-Harburg headquarters and subsidiary in Belisce, Croatia develop, produce, and sell a complete range of equipment for rubber handling – in particular for the production of automobile tires. The product range comprises in detail:

  • Single extruders and extruder lines
  • Tire-building machines and
  • tire heating presses.


Harburg-Freudenberger's customer

base includes all of the well-known tire manufacturers.


It is the global market leader for automobile tire heating presses.

The HF Mixing Group comprises the brands and companies

  • Harburg-Freudenberger (HF)
  • Farrel
  • Pomini

The Freudenberg-headquartered HF company produces mixers and mixing room systems for the rubber processing and tire industries at five locations, and since 2012 also in Slovakia. All important innovations for the rubber processing industry have been made by the HF Mixing Group. Today, the Group is the global market leader with this type of machinery.

This division develops, produces, and sells machines and systems for the production and refining of edible oils, including biodiesel, exclusively in Hamburg-Harburg. The production program comprises refinery facilities for crude oil and fats, and
pressing facilities and process solutions for the processing of oilseeds, animal tissues, and special products.

Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH has a history stretching back 155 years. The company has been part of the Possehl Group since 2004. In 2007, Pomini was acquired, with the Farrel Corporation following in 2009. Both were former competitors. Today, the division employs about 2,000 staff worldwide, generating annual sales of around € 400 million.



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