L. Possehl & Co. mbH

Our Objectives

A Management Holding Company with Long Term Objectives

Stability and long-term corporate development define the road that the Possehl Group has chosen to take. In line with this focus, we mainly invest in companies from established industries and niche markets.

Our companies are managed in a decentralized manner. Each of the management companies operates independently so that they can make direct decisions with regard to their markets as necessary. Their objective is to maintain or attain a market-leading position.


  • Stable income: We seek to generate regular dividends.
  • Competitive Group companies: We want companies with strong business, a unique identity, and the ability to operate independently and successfully in their markets.
  • Sustainable growth and added value: We want our companies to develop so that our portfolio experiences ongoing, positive growth.


Our Values

  • Reliable, with Hanseatic restraint
  • Thinking and acting with entrepreneurial spirit
  • Protecting individual identities at Group and company level